What is Self-Serve Advertising?

A self-serve ad platform offers a truly intuitive and straightforward UI, complete with a wide range of customizable options. This allows Advertisers to quickly set up campaigns and Publishers to configure ad zones without assistance. Plus, users can monitor statistics in real-time from the intuitive and adjustable dashboards, allowing them to tweak campaigns and ad zones for greater revenue potential.

Traditionally, sales teams and ad ops teams had to work hand-in-hand to ensure that booked ads are pushed through the ad serving system without a hitch. This was a labor-intensive process, requiring multiple people and phases. With self-serve, however, these functions can be automated, working more efficiently and with a minimum of human interaction.

This type of platform gives salespeople the opportunity to focus on larger clients and on business development, as well as to increase their profits. Examples of self-serve ad platforms include Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. While these platforms do not feature a network of websites, they do come with a range of targeted features. These are also known as “walled gardens”.

In summary, self-serve advertising platforms eliminate the need for an Advertiser or Publisher to interact with a Sales Representative. Signing up to the platform is all that is needed, allowing them to start generating their own revenues and those of the owner of the Self-Serve Ad Server.

Several advantages of a Self-Service Ad Platform for Businesses:

  • Decreased expenses: Self-Service employs an economical, automated technical platform to automate manual tasks in the ad booking process, which helps to save on the expenses of hiring salespeople, operations support, developers, etc. As a result, you get a cost-effective and scalable platform.
  • Quick setup: Utilizing a Self-Service Ad Server platform is an uncomplicated and rapid integration, and because the user interface is user-friendly, your advertiser and publisher clients can begin monetizing campaigns and ad zones right away.
  • Publisher & advertiser management: You can specify the requirements you want before approving your clients, and you can customize the features that clients can utilize on the Self-Service platform.
  • Improved cash flow: There is no need for an accounts department to invoice advertiser account funding or manually verify bank accounts for payments not received. Self-Service operates on pre-payment of accounts by advertisers who can fund their accounts independently on the platform, following which the platform automatically produces invoices for advertiser clients.
  • Increased potential for scaling: Having a Self-Service option frees up salespeople to concentrate on attracting large clients and providing account management for larger clients to help grow revenues, while small and medium-sized clients are managed through the Self-Service platform.
  • Complete transparency: Administrative permissions on the platform enable you to have complete visibility on all data and generated revenues.
  • Total control: You have the ability to set your own rates and conditions and have full control over your network.
  • Continuous business: Self-Service platforms are operational 24/7, since there is no need for a sales team working from 9 to 5 to generate revenues. The platform enables advertisers to bypass the need to adhere to time zone and business hour restrictions when launching new campaigns.

Benefits for Publishers

The Self-Serve Ad Platform offers numerous benefits to Publisher clients who can handle everything on their own. These benefits include:

  • Easy management of ton of creatives. Clone, Change, Test bunch of creatives in one click
  • Quick ways to test and use ad formats
  • Increase traffic for high-performing ad zones
  • The opportunity to A/B test ad zones to optimize revenues
  • Real-time statistics by 12 slices of data. GEO, OS, Device Type, Gender, and others
  • Video formants, VAST tags, pre-mid-post rolls
  • Block undesirable verticals or ad formats
  • Budget control functions

What to look for in a Self-Serve Ad Server?

It’s essential to consider the latest technology of a Self-Serve Ad Server to stay competitive in the market. Look for a platform that offers full tech support from a team of dedicated developers and constantly develops its tech. A large range of high-performing ad formats is also crucial to offer more opportunities for publishers and advertisers to monetize their offers. Moreover, ensure that the platform can compete with industry giants such as Google.

Automation tools are necessary for advertisers in today’s market. They allow smart bidding automation, optimization of campaigns, and traffic redirection algorithms. Platforms like AdWheel provide a range of automation tools for advertisers. Furthermore, a Self-Serve Ad Server should offer a wide range of payment methods, customizable dashboards, and white labeling features to rebrand the platform with a unique ad serving domain. AdWheel is a white label Self-Serve Ad platform that covers all these features and more. Contact AdWheel to learn how to get started with monetizing online advertising quickly.

Automation Tools for Advertisers: In today’s market, advertisers require algorithms and automation tools to ensure greater ROI by automating smart bidding, traffic redirection algorithms to send traffic to the best-performing ad creatives and landing pages, and automate testing and campaign optimization. AdWheel offers a range of automation tools for Advertisers.

Customizable Dashboard and Statistics: The ability to filter and analyze real-time data is crucial for Advertisers, Publishers, and Business Owners. AdWheel offers fully customizable dashboards with various display graphs, charts, and data point selections.

White Labeling: If you’re establishing an ad network business, the Self-Serve platform should allow you to rebrand it with your logo, brand colors, brand look and feel, and a unique ad-serving domain.

Platform Documentation: It is important to provide clients with documentation about each feature, despite the Self-Service Ad Server’s intuitive and easy-to-use design. Advertisers and Publishers have varying needs and the platform offers different features to each client type. AdWheel offers detailed, regularly updated documentation for Ad Network use on their platform’s website, explaining how each feature works, its benefits, and how to use it.


In case you want to generate revenue from a website as a Publisher, or from a network of websites as an Ad Network, you might consider a White-Label Self-Serve Platform as one of the most efficient and rapid ways to initiate your business. This article will discuss the concept of self-serve advertising, the advantages it offers, and the factors to consider when opting for a self-serve ad server to start a business. Contact us today to learn how you can quickly begin monetizing online advertising.