The popularity of podcasts is on the rise, with 68 million weekly listeners in the United States alone, and it is expected to increase to 109 million in 2022. Listeners are highly engaged and receptive to the hosts’ messages, making them a valuable audience. It is no surprise that brands are taking advantage of this […]

What is Self-Serve Advertising? A self-serve ad platform offers a truly intuitive and straightforward UI, complete with a wide range of customizable options. This allows Advertisers to quickly set up campaigns and Publishers to configure ad zones without assistance. Plus, users can monitor statistics in real-time from the intuitive and adjustable dashboards, allowing them to […]

Conversion tracking allows you to track the effectiveness of a campaign, by logging the actions visitors have made after clicking an ad. Examples include signing up for an account, purchasing a product or downloading a file. Conversion tracking feature is enabled by default for all of your campaigns, all you need to do is to […]

Advertising is way more complicated and deep than you would think. 3rd- party ad servers are still the first choice for world’s leading brands because of their flexibility, customizable features, optimizations possibilities, and transparency. These are all things that Facebook and Google can’t provide.  Although ad servers have become a sophisticated platform, allowing experienced advertisers […]

What VAST is? VAST – “Video Ad Serving Template,” is a script that gives video players information about which ad to play, where is ad contains, how the ad should start and demostrated, how long it should last, and when users are able to skip it. Sounds like ad tech. Why is this important?It’s important because it’s […]